About Us

Cntient is an Information Technology and Software Development company that provides the services that you require to meet your business goals. We build in transparency at all steps of the software life cycle in order to establish Project Awareness and help you track success metrics. Our agile approach allows for rapid results and workflow pivoting as projects evolve. We foster and uphold Values that Work in our team including respect, constructive feedback, integrity, diversity, and best value solution.

Cntient (ˈsen-tē-ənt)

Our name represents the building blocks of programming and our passion for customer service.

Founded on the principle that ever-changing technology requires a constantly evolving client relationship set with a long-term strategic vision. We pride ourselves in our ingenuity as we address tomorrow's challenges today by harnessing the latest technologies and building lasting relationships with our clients to help them succeed in every aspect of their business from prototype development and software release to customer service and supply chain management.

  • We don’t train the man to fit the machine – we train the machine to fit the man.

    — Cntient